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12/23/13 New Josh "Warmaster" Barnett Collaboration T-shirt Available

4/30/13 Twelve Ounces of Change
 Fight The City's first annual custom boxing glove showcase on Saturday May 4th, 2013 from 7pm-10pm.
at Toy Art Gallery and The Time Hotel. I have a pair of custom boxing gloves in this touring art show.

Rolling Thunder By Bwana Spoons and Friends
Reception Nov 9, 2012
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st St. Brooklyn NYC

Giant Robot Biennale 3 at Japanese American National Museum
Reception Sept 22, 2012

I will have two new pieces in this show and be present at the reception. Hope to see you there!


Hello Friends!
Summer '12 is here and you are all now clinically diagnosed with Adult Onset Awesomeness. It's official. How cool is that?! Lot's going on here, not sure where to begin. In the words of The Immortal Lee County Killers "Come On!"

Comic Con Booth 4739

July 11-15 San Diego Convention Center
I will be an exhibitor at San Diego Comic-Con. I will be at booth 4739 with Grass Hut (PDX) and Gargamel (Tokyo). Grass Hut side will have Bwana Spoons, Le Merde, Scrappers Morrison and myself. Gargamel side will have Kiyoka Ikeda, Naoya Ikeda, Koji Yanagisawa and Mark Miyake. We will have art, comic zines, toys, apparel and limited edition prints. Ton's of new releases and exclusives. Grass Hut x Gargamel can't be stopped!

Gargamel has made a mini pocket figure based on my FU Robo as a special Comic-Con exclusive this year. Very sexy. Very limited run. Many people have been asking about it and I hope everyone can get one for themselves. it will be available from the Gargamel side of the booth. Tell them I sent you.

The War Master Josh Barnett, MMA fighter, pro-wrestler, King of Pancrase, comic book & anime nerd will be making his second appearance at our booth Saturday 3-4 pm. As you recall Barnett (AKA John Carter of Orange County) was interviewed in the last issue of Drunken Master and is accepting nerd trivia challenge matches at our booth to defend his Nerd King Crown of the Known Universe. The most dangerous man in MMA is also the biggest Otaku. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up folks.

Tagsmith x Lucky Nakazawa

I am now collaborating with artisan crafted leather travel goods company Tagsmith on a limited run of card/cash holders. Each thin card/cash wallets have art  hand drawn by me with a pyrography heat pen then hand crafted by Steve Neal. Two designs, Zombie Pompadour and FU Robo. I can't say how happy I am with how these have come out. If you are into thin wallets or like to have a compact card holder for when you are traveling extra light and you like you wallets to have OG hand drawn art, these are for you. Available at Comic-Con first come first served. More available afterwords direct from me.

After the recent success with social media and political revolutions in the mid east, I will be harnessing the power of Twitter to announce Comic-Con happenings at our booth (and elsewhere???), give aways and contests. Follow me on Twitter to get in on the geek fest. @LuckyNakazawa
Looking forward to seeing you at Comic-Con!

Kiyoshi Lucky Nakazawa

good things
1. Toys That Kill at the Blue Star
2. F.U. Robo is taking the F over. thank you Gargamel.
3. I got the cover of Razorcake issue #69. Canadian Rifles illustrated by me.
4. Comic Making class through Blue Rooster art studio.
5. Josh Barnett tearing through the Strikeforce Grand Prix all the way to the finals. Though his hand was broken in the first round of the finals the new Henshin Cyborg Adamantium reconstruction seems to be holding up fine.
6. Bwana Spoons at TAG, LA Zoo and the DC/Grass Hut show he curated. Bwana seems to own LA. (P.S. Hi Amanda & Michelle!)
7. San Diego Comic Con Come on!!!!!

New Class: Intro To Comic Making
At Blue Rooster Art Studio May 16 - June 20
Blue Rooster will be giving a 50% discount to the first six people who sign up.

I have a new piece on exhibition at Varnish Gallery

and a new piece at Subtext Gallery. Reception this Friday the 27th.


Hey True Believers!
Writing a December newsletter makes me realize how quickly this last year has passed. Did you do everything you wanted to do this year? Were challenges met? Enemies vanquished? Love lost then found and lessons learned? Did you make your life size Millenium falcon lego survival bunker in time for the end of the Mayan calendar? No? There's still a few weeks to do it. My point being don't give up on your dreams. Occupy your own heart.

Post-It 7 art show at GR2
Reception December 10
GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd
LA, CA 90025
I will have a handful of pieces on exhibit and for sale at this always fun always amazing show. All the art is done on small post-it notes. Yes, really. Info here. I will also be in attendance at the reception. Come out and say hi!

Web Store Updates!
Still time to order Christmas gifts! I heard you heart wood. I have put new art, works on wood, up for sale on my Etsy store. No shipping or handling charges through december on all pieces in the "art" section on US orders. New works for sale here. Support indi art and biznizz.

Drunken Master issue 12
Available at these fine stores.
Golden Apple
Skylight Books
Secret headquarters
House of Secrets
Comics Factory - 1298 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena
Includes Prize the ongoing mma comic, contributions from Plex Lowery, Mathew Digges, Cole Case, Stephen Platt, Dan Kusunoki, Jay Tan and an in depth interview with top ranked mma fighter contender and pro wrestler Josh Barnett. Makes a great stocking stuffer. If you can't make it to any of these fine stores in So Cal you can order here.

*A common question I get asked is "where do you get your art supplies?" be it comic art or fine art making. I always send them to my local shop Blue Rooster
Tell them Drunken Master sent you!

Ain't It Cool News Interview
Thanks to Superhero of Ain't It Cool for his interest in my comics work.

Colin Burns - Hex Opera

at Human Array Gallery  357 W. 7th St. San Pedro, CA 90731
6 - 10 pm Thursday Sept 1.

Colin Burns will be having his one man show opening reception tonight at Human Array. If that wasn't enough to get you out of the house I will be doing live silk screening with Colin Burns tonight from 6-10 at the reception. Bring some blank apparel to get hand screened by us. Please come out and support!

Balls Out art show
an onslaught of new works by a league of shredders that can not be matched

Opening reception Thursday July 7, 2011
at Grass Hut Art Market
20 NW 5th Ave #101
Portland Oregon 97209

Ms Cosmos 2012, 18 x 18 laser etched wood panel with envirotex coat.


New Mixed Monster Arts Stickers! Free For You!

Follow me on @LuckyNakazawa, DM me and I will send you some. For a limited time while supplies last.

I Contributed A New Illustration For This Very Special Metal Event! Limited Edition Hand Pulled Silk Screen Prints Will Be Available (sans text + graphics) At Event.

MMA Superstar Josh Barnett Announces Japanese Benefit Show; All Shall
Perish Headlining

It's common knowledge that actions speak louder than words and MMA superstar Josh
Barnett is truly a man of action as he has spearheaded a relief fund to help the victims
of the recent travesty that hit Japan. Barnett is very open about his love of heavy metal
and he knew it made perfect sense to put together a show that featured some of the
metal's best acts to raise some money for this very worthy cause.

This special event featuring All Shall Perish, Animals As Leaders, Cattle
Decapitation, Abysmal Dawn, Internal Corrosion and Thrown Into Exile is set
to take place at the House of Blues in Hollywood on Thursday, May 26th and all net
proceeds go directly to the American Red Cross Japanese relief effort. Tickets are only
$15 and are on-sale now at or at

Barnett states: "As someone that has worked in Japan over the last nine years
and even lived there for a time I felt an obligation to try and help a country which
has shown so much love and hospitality to me over the years. This event dealt a
devastating blow to the 'Land of The Rising Sun,' not only economically but to the
hearts, minds and souls of its people. I don't think that my event can in any way
reverse what has happened or completely restore a country and its people, but music
has the power to move the heart and soul. That kind energy can reach masses and
be transferred to others and if even one person can be helped, it was worth it. In any
form that we can generate funds, support and just simply the bushido spirit to all those
affected by this we will be successful and keep the sun forever rising in Japan."

“I am incredibly lucky and thankful for all the bands, companies and people that
have helped me organize such an awesome show and I not only look forward to
seeing everyone there but to sit back and be a fan myself. I'll be the big blonde guy
headbanging, horns in the air."

Ben Orum (guitarist of All Shall Perish) further comments: “We would like to
personally thank Josh Barnett for inviting us to play this very special Japanese relief
benefit show. What happened over there was a travesty and while it's easy to not
think about the events that took place because we are so far away, we hope to remind
people how much help is still needed."

“We will be performing some new material off of our upcoming CD, This is Where it
Ends, so come out and check it out! Check out the link below for a sneak peak to some
of our new material.”


University of MMA Poster and Live Event
Live MMA action at The Avalon Hollywood this Sunday April 17, 11.
I will be here signing this poster that I did the illustration for and will have other t-shirts and limited edition prints available for purchase. I hope to see you there. Worth noting is that Dan wheelan, the graphic designer for the poster, is the same person who did the graphics for Pride FC MMA posters. It all comes together! More info and tix here!


Lucky Naka Says - History Is Unfolding. Keep on Loving, Keep On Fighting
"It Doesn't matter how hard you play. No one likes us here. You sweat. You spill your guts out. People just laugh at you and try to find ways to make you look stupid. It works. I feel like a jerk for playing this town."
Henry Rollins - Get In The Van

"Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life. Do not be concerned with escaping safely - lay your life before him."
Bruce Lee

"Oh hey look a comic book store!" 
Lucky Nakazawa

Henry & Glenn Gang-Bang: group art show and book signing this Friday!
Tom Neely, Gin Stevens, Scot Nobles, Levon Jihanian and more than a dozen guest artists. I have one new pyrography piece in this show. If you aren't sure what this is about allow me to explain.  LA art fraternity Igloo Tornado made a gag comic a couple years ago about the complex romantic (you see, I can tie this in with Valentines Day for you) relationship between punk/metal icons Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig and their satanic-complex-romantic-
relationship neighbors Daryl Hall and John Oats. Since then this comic has taken on a run away cult status being in it's umpteenth reprint edition and always selling out. There is also a rumor that it was one of the social networks partially responsible for the revolution in Egypt and the deposing of Mubarak. FYI I will be at this show which is shaping up to be quite an event - The Misfits cover band GLENN and the cross-dressing Black Flag cover band BLACK FAG will perform live.
Friday, February 18th, 2011 8 - 11 p.m.
La Luz de Jesus Gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Game Over 4: Video Game Inspired Art Group Show 
I'm proud to have two new pieces in this perennial show which has turned into one of Giant Robot's most popular group shows. Check this list of artists exhibiting: Lala Albert, Esao Andrews, Nick Arciaga, Andrice Arp, Jesse Balmer, Sasha Barr, Niv Bavarsky, Eric Broers, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Jude Buffum, David Chung, Farel Dalrymple, Enfu, Ines Estrada, Jesse Fillingham, Cam Floyd, Matt Furie, Nick Gazin, Mark Giglio, Peter Hamlin, Paul Hornschemeier, David Horvath, Martin Hsu, Rama Hughes, Levon Jihanian, Kinuko, Chris Kuzma, Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, Little Friends of Printmaking, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Mare Odomo, Physical Fiction, Ferris Plock, Silvio Porretta, Jarrett Quon, Jesse Reklaw, Rob Sato, Cory Schmitz, Dave Stolte, Superbrothers, Daria Tessler, Jeremy Tinder, Chris Ward, Steven Weissman, Leslie Winchester, Calvin Wong, Jeni Yang, Lawrence Yang, Derek Yu. Whoa... sort of crazy right? I'm glad i know how to copy and paste on a computer because all those names would have been really difficult to write. I will not be present but my avatar will be.
Reception: Friday, March 4, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
GRSF 618 Shrader Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Top 5
1. Josh Barnett wore my Fuck You Robot shirt on Inside MMA while being interviewed by Bas Rutten. Follow Josh as he takes the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix! Link!
2. Freelance illustration can be rough but I am always surprised at how many cool opportunities there are when you put yourself out there. 
3. Drunken Master issue 12! I swear it's coming together and it's not going to be like any previous issue. This is going to be the "Melt your face off" issue.
4. My kids crashed Seiji's 4th B-Day where they got cowboy hats, deputy badges and then got to ride pony's. I'm lucky there are parents that know how to organize these sorts of things.
5. Cartoon art friction with Ben Snakepit. Is it tupac vs Biggie or is it Kaufman vs Lawler?
5.5. Peter Pryputniewicz wore my Mixed Monster Art shirt while taping an interview with UFC fighter Mike Swick for Full Contact. Link!
(6. hidden top 5. Kirisute Gomen - Trivium)

Happy Year of the Zagoran

A pyrography piece I did as a gift for my good friend Kiyoka Ikeda of Gargamel, Tokyo JPN. 


Long story short. Band used my artwork without permission. I asked them to cease and desist + remove all the modified images from websites. They did so and apologized. Apology accepted and now it's behind us. There are two lessons to this story...  

1. Do not use artwork without permission.
Time and time again it has proven to bite people in the ass. This is a fact. You will be surprised to find out what you can get if you just ask nicely and honestly explain your situation. You might not get exactly what you wanted but you will at least get something else you would never have gotten if you stole the art - RESPECT. For every up and coming band out there you will find an up and coming artist hungry to do your art, maybe even for cheap. You would be wise to throw them CD's, guest list comps to your shows, band t-shirts and copies of anything you made that uses their artwork be it flyers, t-shirts or an EP cover. Maybe you can't pay them cash but always give them credit.  

2. These up and coming bands have great taste in art. The world is looking up when people want to steal your work.

No, it wasn't this Protocols image from the Study Group 12 comic that was used I'm just illustrating my point. But I used Dr. Doom ... hmmm makes you wonder, right?



Hello from Lucky Naka HQ!
This is a message from the center of my brain to you. Lots happening here, major changes have struck and some changes are still happening as we speak. But as they say in the coin business "Change is good!".  So in that case things are grrreeeaaaatt!

"Get your hands offa me you damn dirty APE!"
I will be exhibiting at Alternative Press Expo at the Concourse in San Francisco October 16-17 with Plex Lowrey of KNIFEXLIFE infamy. Zines, apparel, limited edition prints, original art and good times for all! We're skipping out from work and road tripping to SF for APE so please mark your calenders to come out and see us. We promise not to pass the hat for gas money like some hippie bands you know. 

Many of you asked how to get the new t-shirt and prints. I put them up on my Etsy site so you can get them there if you don't actually live near me. Etsy is safe and easy web shopping! Should i also say the 'F' word for fun? Up now are the new Mixed Monster Arts T-shirt and new Miss Cosmos print "F. U. You Are why I Drink". Tell your friends! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered t-shirts from me this last summer. You made it all possible and the shirt  might not be gold yet but it's definitely a hit. thanks to everyone who sent in awesome pics of themselves in their MMA shirts from all corners of the Earth! If you are on facebook you can see some of the pics there or post your own. Remember: Fighting Is Sexy. what?

What's in the wings? Drunken Master issue 12? Really? Don't bury me yet i'm not dead yet. Prize is taking forever but it will be finished I SWEAR IT on Odins Beard!
Hope to see you in SF!


AKA Lucky Nakazawa

AKA Drunken Master

AKA Antonio Funguy

Lucky Nakazawa will be at Comic-Con July 21 - 25 at the San Diego Convention Center. BOOTH 4739. 
Please drop by and check out the Comic-Con exclusives!
More info here Sorry No Credit Cards - CASH ONLY

Mixed Monster Arts bandanas

F.U. You Are Why I Drink. Limited Edition Silk Screen Poster. 12" x 16" image area.

Down Town Flood. Limited edition silk screen print. Image area 13" x 18". 

First sighting of Lucky Nakazawa MMA shirt!
Available at discounted price through pre-order now!
Your Support Requested! Thank you

Here is the first peek of the new shirt design! I am now taking pre-orders for the first Lucky Nakazawa t-shirt titled "Mixed Monster Art". This special pre-order is being offered to my newsletter subscribers and FB friends. It is part "Thank you!" for being on my news letter list and never writing back with the words "Unsubscribe" in the subject line and part experiment since I have never done a "made to order" pre-order.  Price is $20. per shirt and for this offer includes shipping in the US. Send $20. via PayPal to with your name , shipping address, shirt size and specify men's or girls t-shirt. The design will be one color (green) on a black t-shirt pulled by hand. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  THANK YOU!

The First Lucky Nakazawa MMA T-Shirt Design To Be Released July, 2010
Your Support Requested!

I am now taking pre-orders for the first Lucky Nakazawa t-shirt titled "Mixed Monster Art". This special pre-order is being offered to my newsletter subscribers and FB friends. It is part "Thank you!" for being on my news letter list and never writing back with the words "Unsubscribe" in the subject line and part experiment since I have never done a "made to order" pre-order.  Price is $20. per shirt and for this offer includes shipping in the US. Send $20. via PayPal to with your name , shipping address, shirt size and specify men's or girls t-shirt. The design will be one color (green) on a black t-shirt pulled by hand. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  THANK YOU!

Pics From the Christmas Silkscreen P-Tay (better late than never)

These pics were taken by Gavin Hignight who is the writer behind the serialized web comic Concrete World with artist Jettila Lewis. Both Gavin and Jet also made the zombie rockabilly graphic novel Detroit City.  We had a great time at the silkscreen party- I think we pulled ink over 100 different t-shirts, coats, pillow cases, lingerie and pants.  I hope you can all join us the next time we do this!

The Lucky Nakazawa Etsy Store Has Been Updated

I have listed issues of Drunken Master zine 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Order the Drunken Master Victory Combo Pack and get a free letterpress print while supplies last! Please visit the store at

3/31/10 Balls Out II @ Grass Hut Gallery

I have a new piece in this show done special style for Bwana Spoons and Grass Hut! If you can make it to this show you won't be dissapointed. Take a look at the hit list of talent! Always great to be in a show with my Bros' (and Sis'). 

3/8/10 Luster Kaboom vs. El Lay

Luster Kaboom and Ashley crashed at our pad while visiting Los Angeles for the weekend. I happened to have a prior commitment that very weekend to stand in my life long buddy's Stew (feels no pain) Kimura's wedding. Luster and Ashley drove in from Arizona on a friday, I gave him the keys to my place, had a great weekend at Stew's wedding and when I got back Sunday the young kids, Luster and Ashley, were heading out my door back to Arizona. We barely had a chance to hang out and have bro time but he drew a little comic in my studio that told me all about his weekend in LA. Take note PDA freaks. This is 1 million times better and more interesting than texting. I love this guys work. If it is strange that his last name is Kaboom it is only because his career isn't exploding onto the art scene like it should be. Luster is over flowing with talent, humor, sensitivity, weirdness and childlike uninhibitedness that allows him to tell stories that any other man would think twice if not 20 times about before over analyzing the damn thing and making it a overworked piece of stiff poo. I wish Luster drew my diary every day for the rest of my life. It would seem more interesting.

'We're in El Lay' art and story © Luster Kaboom

2/12/10 Comic Book Creation 101
I am teaching my intro to comic book making through Blue Rooster Art Supplies. I invite anybody who has ever been interested in learning how to make their own comic book. Classes begin February 28. Hope to see you soon!

2/4/10 Upcoming shows

I will have artwork on display and sale at the following art exhibitions...

2/4/10 Gallery 1988 - TONIGHT

Scrappers putting on the final touches during the G1988 Grass Hut Show installation 2/3/10

2/6/10 Metal Mad at GRNY

2/13/10 Year of the Tiger at GR2

10/24/09 Giant Robot Biennale 2: 15 years art exhibition and celebration
I have a new piece on display at this amazing event at the Japanese American National Museum. I will be in attendance early - maybe around 7:30 to 8:30
All the info is here.

* Thank you Eric Nakamura

10/24/09 Mixed Species x Lucky Nakazawa
Now I can show you guys! They say if you see a jackalope in the wild it's good luck. Mixed Species proves it's true with the release of this beautifully done collaboration t-shirt with my art work. Available now through their Etsy store. The printing and t-shirt quality are seriously top-notch. WILL MAKE YOU SEXY and BAD ASS. Check out the Mixed Species link here to purchase.

Bad Fortune Fail Cat

My two year old wanted to play with maneki nekko and I let her. Bad idea. Hopefully this doesn't invoke some sort of cat poverty curse.

Updated Lucky Nakazawa

New posts in the Comics and Personal Work sections. Check 'em out.

This is what you get when your digital camera goes bad.

DM11 has the next installment of the Prize MMA saga, interview with LA rocker Sid Brown and a plethora of art only seen previously at art shows. You can order your own copy of DM 11 for $4. plus $1.50 shipping and handling per copy. I accept personal checks (just contact me first) and paypal at dmz777[at] First 50 orders will get a free bonus surprise print included with their order. BAM!

Drunken Master zine issue 11. 60pgs b+w. Color cover. 7" x 9.25"

Drunken Master issue 11 also available at these fine stores in the LA area ...
7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90046

Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Secret Headquarters
3817 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

Comics Factory
1298 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

Golden Apple
7018 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

BTW that's red ink on my drawing table... not blood.

8/7/09 I will have some prints available at GR2
Junk In The Trunk
August 15/16
2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

8/7/09 I will be exhibiting in Melbourne Australia.
Galaxy Trio
August 15th
Outré Gallery
249 Elizabeth St.
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

I am exhibiting in Melbourne Australia at Outré Gallery with
Bwana Spoons and Martin Ontiveros. This is a very exciting show for me as both Bwana and Martin are my bros and I hold both in high esteem.

Little Tokyo
Ink on Paper. 25" x 11"

Tonight at Grass Hut

I'm in a group show tonight in PDX! Grass Hut art market. Grass Hut

The artists I will be showing with are emerging super talents Brent Wick, Tom Neely, John Black and Hellen Jo.  

Miss Cosmos 2012
ink on paper 15" x 22"

Even After You Kill Me
Ink on paper. 15" x 22"

My Programming Changed
Ink on paper. 15" x 22"

Razorcake 50th Anniversary Cover
Sorry this is a very late post!


Razorcake 50th Anniversary Issue Cover Teaser

I got to do the cover art for Razorcake's 50th issue anniversary. This is the kind of work you live for. I can't show it just yet because the cover story is always a secret until the fanzine streets, in this case mid May. I can leak a teaser image of the issue for you though and I encourage all of you to pick up the issue at your local news stand, magazine/book store or punk zine rack or order direct from the source. If you are into DIY punk rock, excellent writing and the independent press you should check this rag out. Highly reccomended by Drunken Master.



Custom Toy Figures

These are some pics of the custom figures I have been doing recently for different art shows.

Hair Of The God

Standing roughly 6 inches tall this figure is covered with human hair adhered with acrylic polymer. The eye is a found object (a taxidermy eye probably for stuffed fish) as is the veneer of teeth which you can get at any good joke or disguise shop. If you take a close look at the teeth below you can get a sense of how short all the hairs are since there are a few strays hanging around like so much spinach.


Miborah Custom

Roughly 9 inches tall.

Acrylic ink on vinyl.

This piece was a huge learning process for me since I had never painted a vinyl figure before. I have to admit that this isn't the most original approach in the world. The eyes can use a litle more attention and I should have done something to set it apart - make it my custom, rather than a paint job. If you have any appreciation for Japanese vinyl toy monsters (kaiju) than this sculpt produced by Gargamel has a lot to offer but I'd like to take another crack sometime to really do something ... more engaging. I was stoked to do it and now I have been bitten by the custom vinyl toy bug! I need more!

Jamipoo Custom

roughly 6.5 inches tall ? (I forgot to measure). Acrylic ink on clear vinyl. You get a whole new level of respect for custom painters after attempting, and nearly failing, to do your own simple paint job. I think I'm going to stick with human hair again on the next one.




Fugu Fugu Press is not Poison

I recently had the opportunity to do some letter press printing at Fugu Fugu Press in Pasadena. They are a small indi printing company that specializes in greeting cards and special one of a kind art print jobs like wedding invitations and birth announcements. While most peole are trying to move into the future with digital on-demand web printing or other forms of digital off set printing this young couple has gone the opposite direction with their approach using vintage letter press machines and an old school hands on D.I.Y. work ethic. The print shop consists of husband / wife team of Ken and Shino and also their dog Morgan. Shino has a succesful illustration background that blends well with Ken's mechanical adeptness. The machines they use are ancient, make beautiful pressings and are probably a bit illegal by todays work safety standards. Don't use these machines while on cold medicine.

A Chandler Price press machine that works just as good as it did almost a hundred years ago. Keep your hands out of there.


Shino works on another print machine in their studio. It's a later machine and is the Model T to the Chandler price's horse drawn buggy. Shino looks like she's driving a steam powered locomotive or something. Next stop, the olden days - choo choo!


Ken, like the lion tamer in a circus, is master of machines. Check out the stiched leather timing belt on the large left wheel.


Here I am becoming one with the machine working on a new edition of prints.


You gotta stay sharp or say good bye to your delicate drawing hand. It's difficult to tell in this photo but their is a stamping process about to come down where my right hand is and meanwhile the giant wheel of misfortune is spinning by my left hand. Love might be scary but art is dangerous.

It was an amazing experience and the prints came out really nice with that unmistakeable signiture embossing that can only be truly appreciated when you hold a print in your hands.  Sometimes it boggles the mind to consider how much printing was done on these machines before everything went digital and you gotta wonder how those old printers were able to do it so fast.


Ultimate Fighting Lucky Nakazawa

I am happy to announce the completion of my first poster for Pancrase of Japan. For those that aren't familiar, Pancrase is a Japan based Mixed Martial Arts organization similar to the U.S.'s Ultimate Fighting Championship. They have been around for years and I have always been a fan of watching their fights whenever I could. Their roster of world renowned fighters includes Bas Rutten, Josh Barnett, Frank shamrock, Ken Shamrock, Masakatsu Funaki and Yuki Kondo to name a few.

My good friends in Japan Yutaka Taguchi and Kiyoka Ikeda were able to organize the project and act as translators. Another friend from the same gang in Japan, Hiroaki Okada AKA Chanmen, did the design work utilizing my illustration. He did a great job and I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to doing two more posters for Pancrase later his year.


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