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the art of Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Illustration to celebrate the Year of the Ox. A mix of Greek myth, American folk lore and Chinese astrology. Can you pick out the other two references other than Chinese?


Limited edition poster for The Aquabats! show in LA. The guitarist Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk is one of the nicest guys ever and gave me this opportunity.

I like A Complicated Girl

Limited Edition silk screen print. The writing on the top left says "I like a complicated girl" which is also the title of the piece.

T-shirt design and sticker design for DM zine and Won Ton Not Now.

Limited edition silk screen print design and the cover for DM 10. The limited edition print was hand pulled by shawn McKinney at The Ghetto Mansion LA.

Limited edition print design. A play of Nordic mythology and the Snow White fairy tale. Two great tastes together as one.

Cover for Razorcake 46. The illustration is of band Killer Dreamer and actually works with 3-D glasses.

My submission to the Eustice Tilley contest hld by The New Yorker magazine titled "The Tourist".

Silk screen design titled "Primer Black Attack", Blue Angel edition.

Prize 1. Silk screen design that also served as the cover for DM 7. Original illustration done with Linuleum block cut. A classic that has since sold out.

Prize 2. Limited edition silk screen design that has sold out since it's intial run but has been re-printed as a smaller letter press print.

Prize 3. Limited edition silk screen design with original line work done with Linoleum block cut. Also served as the cover for DM 9.

My first cover for Razorcake magazine. Done with stencils and spraypaint. Also my first exposure to a great band Avail. Look them up.

Limited edition Silk screen design with some extra hand painted details. One of my personal favorites.

Ilustration for solo musician Sweet Velvet C.

Illustration for solo musician Sweet Velvet C.

Limited edition silk screen design.

Tour poster illustration for NY band The Unlovables.

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